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The 2024 Daniel Fast

January 2 - 22

It was March 2018.

I was sick with yet another sinus infection right after having the flu a few weeks before. I was over it.

Completely tired of being sick all the time.

It was normal for me to make several trips to the urgent care every couple of months. Between regular sinus infections combined with frequent paralyzing migraines that I had since the age of seven, I rarely felt good. I knew I needed to get myself healthy to improve my quality of life. I started researching how to boost my immune system.

I was shocked to find out that almost 80% of your immune system is in your gut.

At that moment, I made the connection that what you eat can positively or negatively impact everything from how often you get sick, to your energy level and how well you sleep. It made me think back to January of 2006. That’s when I did my first Daniel fast. The Daniel fast is a spiritual fast based on Daniel’s experience in the bible (Daniel 10:2 - 3). During a really tough time, Daniel chose to only eat vegetables and drink water.

Each year after completing the Daniel fast I felt amazing. I had increased energy, better sleep and my skin was #flawless. The lethargy, brain fog, migraines, stomach issues, joint pain, nasty sinus issues and even my anxiety was gone. My mood was better. My spirit was brighter. I was always a few pounds lighter.

I felt completely amazing year after year when I was on Daniel Fast.

I felt so good that I had to share. Because I want you to feel this good too.

I believe it is my calling and purpose to share the transforming power of the Daniel Fast with as many people as I can to help them regain their health. Not just physical health, but holistic health. Well-being in mind, body and spirit.

Imagine that you wake up every morning feeling refreshed. That your body feels good - the way God designed it to. Imagine that you have clarity, focus and enough energy to fuel you throughout your day. Imagine that you feel divinely connected to Source and self. Clear out the old and make way for the new with the
2024 Daniel Fast.

"I participated in my first Daniel Fast with Whitney in 2021. It was a month of grounding, healing, and self discipline. I am already vegan and eat plant-based but this caused me to re-established my why in that practice. The daily devotions were supportive and challenged me to recenter my spiritual practice as well.

This was the perfect way to start my year! Looking forward to the coming January season!"

Tyrell Manning

2024 Daniel Fast 

Clear out the old and make way for the new with the 2024 Daniel Fast.


Get guidance and 21-days of bible verses, affirmations and journal prompts that help you have a successful 21-day fast.




Get the Daniel Fast Guide & Devotional plus weekly meal plans with recipes and grocery lists to help take the guess work out of what to eat during your 21-day fast.

$66  $55



Get the guide and devotionals, the weekly meal plans, recipes and grocery lists plus cooking demos, nutrition workshops, yoga classes, guided meditations and devotional discussions together for a complete fast experience.

$350  $111


All sales are final. 

Mindful eating, movement and meditation completely transformed my life for the better.

It all started for me with the Daniel Fast. Once I started eating better, the true healing began physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. God made it abundantly clear to me that Eat Plants & Prosper was my purpose and mission here on earth. To spread the transforming benefits of nutrition to as many people as possible. Just like my own journey, I believe that the Daniel Fast is one of the best ways to start out on the path of holistic health (mind, body, spirit) and optimal wellness.

The Eat Plants & Prosper Daniel Fast is designed to do just that.


I did my very first Daniel Fast with Whitney Miner from Eat Plants and Prosper about five years ago. The Guide that Whitney provided was amazing, it provided Scriptures and recipes for you to follow.

After my first fast I had mental clarity and I eliminated meat from my diet. The second fast helped me eliminate sugar from my diet. After each fast, I find myself eliminating things that are bad for me.

Bridgette Reynolds

The Eat Plants & Prosper Daniel Fast is for anyone looking to take control of their health. If you are looking to connect deeper with yourself and God, wanting positive, impactful physical changes and shifts in your mental health and inner peace, this Daniel Fast is for you. 


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