I Got the Juice: Easy Juicing Tips and Recipes

juice vegan recipes vegetarian recipes Jun 11, 2020

About a month ago, I decided to do a 3-day juice only detox. There are lots of reasons for me wanting to do it but my main reason was to reign in my discipline (cause quarantine eating is a real thing!) and to give my digestive system a break.

Digesting food is one of the most labor intensive functions for your body. Allowing it to rest helps to restore you from the inside out. Additionally, drinking fresh juice super boosts your intake of vitamins, minerals and other anti-inflammatory compounds. This helps to increase energy and immunity and improves digestion. Juice fasts also flush toxins from the body. So who wouldn’t want all those benefits?

I purchased a juicer primarily not wanting to spend an arm and a leg until I was sure that I would continue the practice of juicing. The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer which was about $57 was my final choice. My eyes were set on a much more expensive juicer but knew better than to spend a crazy amount of money without knowing if I would enjoy it.

Turns out I love juicing! Since the detox I drink about 2 – 16oz fresh juices a day at least 5-6 days a week. The juicer is truly amazing for the price (so glad I got it!). I plan to do another blog post with the details on my 3-day detox but I got a ton of questions about juicing so I wanted to be sure to at least share how I got started.

Easy juicing tips

Here are a few quick tips that I’ve picked up along the way:

  1. If you’re a newbie, have a plan (aka some recipes) before you hit the store. Listen, trust me with this. You do not want to end up with a bunch of random fruit that don’t taste good when juiced together. Once you get more experience under your belt, you can freestyle it. Until then, stick to the script.
  2. Wash, clean and prep your fruit and veggies when you get home from the grocery store/farmer’s market. This makes juicing SO much easier. Everything is already cleaned and ready to go. It eliminates the need to have the daunting task of scrubbing and chopping the day you want to drink the juice.
  3. Make your juice ahead of time. I drank 6 - 8 16oz juices a day during the 3 day detox. It was a lot of juice! I got by through preparing the next day’s juices the night before. I kept them in the fridge in mason jars for up to 72 hours before consuming them. This is super helpful for when on a juice detox or for folks who don’t want to juice every day.
  4. You’re going to need more produce than you think. It takes a LOT of fruits and/or veggies to make a 16oz juice. I drink 16oz of celery juice first thing in the morning at list 5 - 6 days a week. I would say I probably go through at least 4 bunches of celery just for that alone. This is also why tip #1 is important. If you have recipes you’ll know how much produce you need.

And speaking of recipes, here are some of my favorite juice recipes. I hope you enjoy!

If you’re interested in other detoxes or fasts, I highly recommend the Daniel Fast.



25+ Delicious Juice Recipes

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