What is the Daniel Fast? How does one get protein on a vegan diet? What are the vegan junk food traps? In this episode, Whitney focuses on the benefits of achieving optimal wellness through a plant-based lifestyle, fitness and faith.

In this episode Whitney talks about how she healed her body eating plant-based, the best daily routines for peace and joy, why we all need affirmations, how to start an easy meditation and yoga practice and tips on eating well.

Whitney facilitates the Daniel Fast with hundreds of people across the country every year. In this episode you will be inspired to transform your health by following the principles of the Daniel Fast.

Navigating your health and wellness in this economy can be truly ghetto! Tune in with Whitney Miner as she drops gems on how eating better can make a huge positive impact on your health.

What are the real benefits of a vegan diet? In this episode, we have Whitney, Certified Nutritionist and Plant Pusher to talk about her personal journey and how she helps people implement vegan choices in their diet.

Whitney joins the show after the Melanated Married Millionaires complete their first Daniel Fast. Today’s guest is Whitney, a Certified Nutritionist who will break down how to maintain after the Daniel Fast.

In this episode we talk about everything from fitness to fibroids, Western versus Eastern medicine and and of course eating more plants. 

Wonder pods activate as Whitney and Chris discuss health, eating plants and prospering.

On this week’s wave of truth Whitney Mine is in the building discussing self care.

How well do you eat? Do you have any health issues that your diet could correct? These questions and more are answered by guest Whitney Miner, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

Whitney’s wellness journey and the importance of changing from the inside out as well as how diet can impact your mood.

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