Let’s Get Ready for the Daniel Fast!

daniel fast devotionals vegan recipes vegetarian recipes yoga & fitness Jan 03, 2020
Let’s Get Ready for the Daniel Fast!

Happy New Year! We are in the first month of a new year and decade. I can think of no better way to welcome it than with an open mind, heart and spirit. And you know what’s perfect for getting us there? The Daniel Fast!

It starts in just a few days so if you haven’t signed up, do it here!

Here are some helpful tools to get you ready:

Praying that we hear from God in a mighty way during the 2020 fast!

In other news…

Eat Plants & Prosper was founded with plant based food, faith, family and fitness as its guiding principles. That’s why I’m super excited to announce three options in addition to the Daniel Fast to help you get started on your journey to optimal wellness for the new year and beyond.

Commit to be fit!

Let’s commit to be fit in 2020.

Wishing you love, joy, peace, health and and prosperous new year!

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