That time I was on a dope podcast…

devotionals Dec 13, 2018
That time I was on a dope podcast…

in 5 years you gon’ be on Love & Hip Hop – J. Cole

Anyone who knows me, understands how much I used to love a ratchet reality TV situation. From Love and Hip-Hop to Braxton Family Values, I was all in. But as I started to strive for holistic health (health of mind, body, spirit and emotions), I realized that a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about what you eat. It also includes what you think or say. It includes what you consume on TV, in books and online. Essentially it’s anything you choose to be influenced by throughout your day. That includes the people you associate with and the conversations you have. It dawned on me that if holistic wellness was the goal, I needed to change all of my consumption habits not just what I was eating.

I needed to feed my heart and mind positive fuel. That meant more Bible reading, prayer, meditation and a search for inspiration for my morning/evening commute. I spend about 90-minutes commuting to and from work everyday. As a working mom, wife, blogger and student that time is precious. It’s pretty much the only alone time I get. I wanted to use it wisely.

My friend, Diana, suggested podcasts to me about two years ago as a great way to pass the time spent commuting (she’s not only a good friend, she’s also an amazing photographer and entrepreneur – shameless plug). So naturally, in my quest to fill my commute time with positivity, I turned to podcasts. In my search, I recalled that my former co-worker turned friend, Chris Williams, recently started a podcast in September so that was my first stop.

I’m going higher and higher…closer to my dreams – Goapele

As I listened to each episode, I knew this particular podcast was something special. It had all the key components to make it successful: an uplifting, thought-provoking message that always caused self-reflection and it was consistently relevant and relatable. I was blown away by the confirmation I was personally receiving from each episode. Each episode seemed to be affirmation that I was moving in the right direction towards fulfilling God’s purpose in my life with launching Eat Plants and Prosper.

I reached out to Chris to congratulate him on following his dream and to thank him for validating the need for me to do the same.

Annnnnd then he asked me to be on the show.

Now, I JUST not too long ago conquered my fear of public speaking (literally like five minutes ago, ok slight exaggeration but you get my point – it was recent). I would get all sweaty, super nervous and then speed-talk and/or fumble my way through whatever presentation I was giving. It was pretty bad. I realized it was all mental. I prayed on it and discovered that the more I became comfortable in my own skin the easier it was for me to be confident when speaking publicly (#message).

and live the phrase sky’s the limit – The Notorious B.I.G.

So even though the thought of speaking on a podcast scared my soul (and I hate the sound of my voice), I knew I had to do it. Not only to prove to myself that I was capable but also to show God that I believed in the vision he had given me and I was serious about pursing it.

On Friday, December 7th I was on my friend’s dope podcast. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Thank you for the opportunity Chris. A rising tide truly lifts all boats. Press play. I hope ya’ll enjoy it.

And just a reminder to anyone reading this: God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies those He calls. Have faith. Take that step. Walk in your purpose. Sky’s the limit.

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