Nourish - a Holistic Wellness Workshop

events May 22, 2019
Nourish - a Holistic Wellness Workshop



1. provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health and good condition

On Saturday, May 18th God’s vision came to life in the form of Nourish, a free holistic wellness workshop. It was a great experience that included a nutrition session, health screenings, fitness activities (bootcamp, yoga and guided meditation) – all for free!

There were swag bags, nutrition facts and kale wraps. There were laughs, sweat and good conversation. More importantly though there were beautiful people making their health a priority. Being transparent about where they are on their wellness journey and committing to doing better.

I would like to think that the attendees got more out of it than I did. But I know that’s not true. During the process of putting Nourish together, I gained a village of talented, creative people who have become family.

A yogi pediatrician committed to treating the whole person and ensuring all communities (not just those of affluence) have great care. She bought along an amazing Registered Dietician (the first black RD I’ve ever met…it’s a field dominated by white women) and an awesome Mental Health Specialist.

A beautiful, fierce woman of God who happens to be a nurse that I met one time and the connection was just real. When I asked her to help with the health screenings she jumped on board and showed up.

A dynamic husband and wife team that I’m honored to be friends with who held down strategy, photography, the beautiful event presentation and my sanity.

A martial artist DJ well versed in healthy eating that got us mic’d up and kept us on the up and up with a great playlist.

A “whatever you need, I got you” girlfriend who got all “we need this now” jobs done.

A dope fly yogi friend who I swear is my spirit animal willing to show up and teach a free class.

A super cool owner of a organic body care company who blessed us with some fantastic products.

A videographer, photographer and blogger who has the best spirit and is just mad cool stepping in at the 11th hour to capture video of the event.

A fitness trainer, gym owner and all around good dude (who also happens to be my best friend’s husband!) eager to push folks towards health with a good ol’ boot camp.

A dear friend, digital marketing manager, entrepreneur, wife and mom of two whose even keeled disposition made every aspect of event planning a breeze. Her “have you thought about…? and “I’m here, what do you need help with?” attitude let me know I was supported and kept everything running smoothly.

A fiery fitness diva who became a friend. One who ain’t playing (mmmkayyy) when it comes to making sure the details are right. Committed to meeting every Saturday morning from January until May to ensure all went well. Making calls, creating event strategy, running meetings and encouraging me to grow Eat Plants & Prosper all along the way.

Friends, family, church family and complete strangers showed up to be a apart of the event.

So while I pray that the folks in attendance got at least something from the event that they could take away to improve their health, I know I gained more. I gained the true concept of a supportive, loving, inspiring, living, breathing community. See, when God gives you vision and you walk in it, you won’t be doing it alone. He’s with you. And he’ll place you among the right people to walk with along the way.

I won’t be stingy ya’ll. There was too much talent in the room to not share. Here’s what they do and how you can connect with them.

  • Tia Byrd,Certified Yoga Instructor: Lavender & Lotus
  • Patrick Coleman: P3 Lotus Living - Organic body care products
  • Cynthia DuBose: Turning Phrases - Resume design, Copy writing, Web development
  • Dr. Salathiel Kendrick,Pediatrician, Professor and Certified Yoga Instructor: Emory School of Medicine Assistant Professor
  • Amanda Taylor: The Black Maverick - Videographer, Photographer, Blogger
  • Ciara Walker,Freelance writer, Blogger: My Tipped Scales
  • Reginald Wells,Certified Personal Trainer: Streamline Fitness
  • Toriarn Weldon,DJ & Party Entertainment Services: Born 4 Entertainment
  • Latoya Willis,Personal Concierge Services: Your Girl Friday
  • Nich and Diana Woodruff: Lavender Ink & In Your Blind Spot - Photographer, Videographer, wedding photo booths, presentation gurus

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